Corporate Error Reporting in Software

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Corporate Error Reporting
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such as general fault information, as well as a mini dump file of the process that crashed Although the capability to catch and send this error information to Microsoft is the key enabler of WER, it also serves to discourage some ISVs from using the system More specifically, some ISVs do not want error information sent to Microsoft because of the sensitive nature of the data that might be sent as part of the error information One example of this is a banking application that contains sensitive information about customer accounts Because of the strict requirements of some ISVs, Microsoft created what is known as Corporate Error Reporting (CER) CER allows an ISV to enable error reporting across the company and instructs each machine to send information to a file share rather than sending the information to Microsoft The file share can then be queried periodically to look for any problems that might have surfaced In this last part of the chapter, we take a look at how to set up CER, as well as how the data is uploaded and stored on the file share
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Setting Up Corporate Error Reporting
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Group Policy (GP) is a technology in Windows that provides centralized management of computers and users in an Active Directory environment CER is part of the group policy management capabilities GP must be used to enable CER either locally (on one machine) or across all company machines All examples in this part of the chapter are run locally (that is, setting up CER on one machine), but the same principles apply when pushing down policy to all the machines in a company Note that GP is not available for Windows Home Edition, and you must be running Windows XP Professional Edition or higher when using GP To enable CER on a specific machine, the Group Policy edit tool must be used by going to Start, Run and typing gpeditmsc This brings up the GP Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, as shown in Figure 1326 In the navigation pane on the left side, CER settings can be accessed via the following nodes: Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, Error Reporting Once selected, you can see the available options on the right side Let s start by taking a look at the Display Error Notification option shown in Figure 1327 Make sure to enable the settings for each of the configuration dialogs, as shown in figures that follow
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Postmortem Debugging
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Corporate Error Reporting
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The display error notification option allows you to control whether a user who encounters an error will see a UI, giving him the choice to report the error seen If this option is enabled, the UI that appears to the user gives the user access to the error information If, furthermore, the configure error reporting is on, the UI will also allow him to send the error report If the display error notification is disabled, the user will not be presented with a UI This does not, however, mean that the error reports are not sent Whether an error report is sent also depends on the configure error reporting setting The next setting is the Configure Error Reporting setting, as shown in Figure 1328, and it constitutes the main part of CER configuration
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Figure 1328 The Configure Error Reporting settings UI allows you to control how error reporting behaves when encountering errors The highest-level settings are to enable, disable, or not configure this setting and can be selected through the radio buttons If you choose to enable error reporting, the following options become configurable:
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Do Not Display Links to Any Microsoft Provided More Information Web Sites: This check box allows you to disable the Microsoft links in the error UI displayed to the user when an error occurs For example, by default, the UI contains a link to the Microsoft data collection policies Do Not Collect Additional Files: If this check box is checked, the error reports will not collect additional information (files) with the error report
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